Transactions From Schwab still not downloading or downloading with errors

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Quicken has reported that the issue above has been resolved as of 12/16,21, but this is not true. Still have income transactions that dont download from a week ago. And or some that do download are miscategorized in terms of St , Lt or Dividends. Also inaccurateley calculating cash balances. Please fix this. !!


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    Running Quicken Premier R36.54 (latest as of 12/16/21), have followed the "fix" instructions, deactivated all of my Schwab accounts in the data file, deleted contents of Financial Institution field, unlinked the Schwab Cash account, went to Tools, Add Account, clicked on Charles Schwab and immediately get the cc-501 error, still. It appears that Quicken is just unable to connect with the Schwab server, period. Very frustrating, no connection to Schwab since November 17.
  • Hello @SEHND,

    Thank you for coming to the Community to report the issues that you are having, though I apologize that you are having issues connecting to Schwab. 

    Please go to Help>Check for Updates. We are now on R37.37. Also please go to Tools>Account List>Show Hidden (bottom left corner). Check for any accounts still connected to the zzz instance of Schwab.

    Let us know if you are able to connect after this. If not we will take a deeper look, thanks!

    Quicken Alyssa

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    Alyssa - I ran Check for Updates and the response was; "I already have the latest version of Quicken (R36.54). How can i get release 37.37? Is that later release available for Premier?
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    Today (12/16/21) a Quicken update R37.52 was available for me after I ran One Step Update. It may be a staged release. I had previously installed R37.37 using the Mondo patch, before R37.37 was paused.
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    same problem with my Quicken also. Tried all known fixes...Help
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    I have not been able to run a one step update for months - Quicken crashes which is a known issue. So I can only update bank/broker by bank/broker.
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    :# My Schwab downloads have not been correct since the middle of November. I have had to add manual contra accounts to at least make the total balance agree. I sent a support request through the Quicken application last week and still no answer. Can someone shed some light on when the issue will be resolved.
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    @BB6011 if you sent your request via Help > Report a Problem you will not get a response. You must call or chat with Support directly.
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    2021 12 24; 16:16: I have updated to R37.37 and am having this same issue. I was able to update by going to each account and updating it individually. When I tried to do a One-step update, it failed with CC-800. I then deactivated the web update for all Schwab accounts and am now unable to re-establish any online updates with Schwab (CC-501 error results in all cases). I have checked, and all zzzz- account have been deleted. This inability to properly link to Schwab for updates has apparently been the case since mid-November. I hope the Schwab team at is able to resolve the issues and get the conversion properly in place real soon now. I'll place a support call next week.
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    Quicken sent me another Patch : 37.52 and it seemed to help some. I dont know where this patch came from as I was not prompted by the Quicken system to install it. Am still getting errors in income categories on the downloads that dont match Schwab data. this group better get their act together. Marginal performance at best.
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    My Schwab accounts in Quicken all reflect the proper asset, price, and share numbers - except for thr Schwab Govt Money Fund which generally accounts for cash in each account. Am running with R36.57 which downloaded yesterday (24 Dec).
    Oddly, where I once had a single Schwab line in One Step Update, there are now three lines for the total of seven accounts.
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    The issue I reported, with a screenshot, on Dec 17 in is still true for R36.57. I would be willing to help Q debug it if they would contact me, but I'm not going to wait on hold forever.
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