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Q for Mac - 2017

colorog33 Member ✭✭
Simple question: I only use Quicken as a checkbook to keep track of income and expenses with good reports. I don't use it for anything internet, or banking purposes. How do I start an entirely NEW Quicken document without any of the old categories, reports,etc? And if I start new with a 2022 Name...will I still have access to all of my old files on Quicken?


  • garysmith87
    garysmith87 Member ✭✭✭✭
    FILE > NEW will start a brand new file with no remnants of the old file.

    Your old data file will still be available provided you use a different file name for the new file than the old file name.  

    To switch between data files, you can see the available files at the bottom of the FILE screen.  Or you can select FILE > OPEN and you can choose which file to use. 

    Remember, when you start Quicken, it should always open with the last used filename. 
  • Hi @colorog33,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Quicken community with this question. 
    You absolutely can create a new file and still have access to the old file. You can do this by opening your quicken application>bringing down the menu bar located at the top of your desktop> clicking file> new> then starting from scratch. You will want to make sure to label this file with a different name than your old file so you can easily keep them separated. 

    I hope this answered your question, feel free to reach out if you need anything else. 

    Thank you, 
    Quicken Jasmine

    -Quicken Jasmine
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