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Three things seem to have changed since the rebuild. 1) I used to be able to click on the one step update semicircle and it would ask for my password and then update. Now when I click on the semicircle to update it opens another screen showing all of my accounts and I have to click apply before it will update. Why was this step added?

2) When you click on the box to the right of the one step update semicircle you can select and update individual accounts. If I chose to update only one or two accounts it doesn't ask me for the password to update and the accounts are password protected. Why does it allow for updating without confirming password?

3)When you click on the box to the right of the one step update to select individual accounts to update one at a time all accounts are not listed. Is there a limit to the number of accounts that will display? I'm missing one but have 15 (I think) showing.


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    @jerryhoyt1 I just want to confirm if this is a Quicken Windows question. It says so in the headline, but you posted it in a Quicken Mac category. We can get a moderator to move it to the proper place so it will be seen by Windows users if you confirm.
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    How embarrassing. No wonder I have internet problems. Yes. Please move to Windows I quit Mac Quicken after several tries.
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    #1 Several people have reported that for them Quicken goes to the Settings dialog instead directly to doing the downloading.  As far as I know no one has figured out why this is happening.  I suggest you report it with Help -> Report a problem.

    #2 Since Quicken Windows connection method Express Web Connect, switched at about the beginning of the year to a "connection method" called QCS (Quicken Connection Services, which is in fact a sync to the Quicken Cloud data set) the passwords are no longer stored in the Password Vault.  The usernames and passwords have always been stored on Intuit's servers (Quicken Inc pays Intuit for aggregation of transactions from the financial institutions), but they use to be also stored in the Password Vault.  The change makes it clear that they don't actually use/require the ones in the Password Vault by just removing them:

    #3 I don't know if there is any kind of limit on the number of accounts that Quicken Windows supports from a given financial institution/log in.
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    Thank you.
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