Balanced Changed In One Checking Account

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I have a few checking accounts in Quicken Home, Business & Rental Property Version: R35.31, Build:
One of them suddenly retroactively changed the balance in the account. I checked back five years and the same difference appears. I do a reconciliation at the end of each month. The last time the account was reconciled at the end of November 2021 the difference was not there.
I ran a super validate and it didn't show anything that would account for the problem.

Any suggestions on how to resolve the issue other than to put in an adjustment entry for the difference?


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    If you changed or deleted one side of a TRANSFER transaction, say one from 5+ years ago, that would also change/delete the transaction in this account .

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    If the reconciled opening balance has changed, a reconciled transaction has been added, modified, or deleted.  To determine the source of the change, I suggest you compare the running balance of the account register in the current Quicken file with the running balance of the account register from a Quicken file backup saved when the account was last reconciled.  One way to accomplish this is to print the registers to text files.
  • saberman
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    Exported the account to Excel from current file and backup file created at the end of November -- last reconciliation date. The difference is in the opening balance. What could have changed that?

    BTW, the QDF almost doubled in size from 144 MB to 271 MB after the Supper Validate.
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