Lost access to my accounts due to unannounced "Quicken Migration"

JohntheEditor Member ✭✭
I update my accounts twice a week. This morning instead of updating my accounts, Quicken informed me of a "Quicken Migration" regarding my accounts. This migration timed out after a few minutes, so I relaunched Quicken and tried again. (I have a strong, fast internet connection.) This time Quicken informed me saying that the migration had failed and that I would need to reset all my accounts. This is pretty annoying since I'm never sure I can do so quickly and easily—in the past, some of my brokerage accounts have required special separate passwords for app access, and made it difficult to create and find those passwords (which isn't Quicken's fault, of course).

Unfortunately, when I try to reset an account, it too times out and Quicken reports a "Can't setup [sic.] 'bank'" error. The only details given are "Server Communication Error" and "General Error."

Sometimes upon retrying this, I get a "Sync Error" that says "Quicken encountered an error while communicating with our servers. Try again later."

I searched the Quicken Community and I can't find posts that report anything more than a general slowdown in connectivity that may or may not be resolved. But I'm not experiencing a slowdown--I'm effectively locked out of all my accounts from the Quicken app.

I realize I'll have to contact Support—which currently shows wait times of over half an hour regardless of method—so what I really want to register here is how wrong I think it is to spring a "Migration" on users without any warning save a few cryptic, casual remarks in the release notes about "improvements." When it comes to my finances, I value reliability more than convenience. Yet I find myself unexpectedly unable to use Quicken in the way it's intended, with no clear resolution in sight.


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