Fidelity Investment Account transactions not downloading correctly

I am setting up an existing Fidelity investment account which has transactions for several years. When I set up the account and connected with Fidelity, it only downloaded transactions starting on a Sept 2021 date. It did not download all the transactions prior to date date, of which there are many. How do I fix this?


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    That's by design.  It's not incorrect.
    A download initiated from within Q typically only goes back 30-90 days ... not forever.  SOME financial institutions allow downloads that go back further ... and some allow you to initiate the download from their website and go back further.
    Unfortunately, Fido isn't one of them.
    SO, there's nothing that you can do to FIX the situation.

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    Fidelity's website says they initially download the last 90 days of transactions (it used to be the last 2 years of data but that seems to have been changed fairly recently).  There is nothing we can do to change that since Fidelity controls of how much they will download.
    The only 2 options I know of to get older transactions data entered into your Fidelity account register:
    1. Go to the Orders page of your online account and click on History.  There you can download up to 5 years of transactions (90-days max at a time) in CSV format.  Then you can download a program that might be able to convert the CSV file(s) into a format that can then be manually imported into Quicken.  One such program is ImportQIF, a freeware program that was developed by a long-time Quicken user and active Community member.  It can be downloaded from  I have not used it myself but others have said it works pretty well.
    2. The other option is to manually enter all the older transactions history.
    Or you can do what I think most people do and simply accept what was initially downloaded by Fidelity and let it go at that.  If you do either of the above options to add older data it is likely going to be a lot of manual work for you.  At a minimum you will need to change the Opening Balance transaction date and cash balance to what it was at the start of the earliest transaction date in the Quicken register that you want (not more than 5 yrs ago) and you will need to delete all the Add Shares transactions that were downloaded during the account set up and initial download.   Plus if you have had the account for more than 5 yrs then you will need to enter Add Shares transactions for what you held 5 yrs ago.  Most people find all of that to be too much trouble for little benefit.

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