Not able to sync with PNC Bank again

OscarV Member
I am getting the following error when trying to sync with PNC Bank

Sync Error
Quicken encountered an error while communicating with our servers.

I was having issues previously and went though a very painful process to create new file and Import previous transaction then to reconcile the account. It will be very bad if I have to do this again

I have updated to Version 6.5.0 (Build 605.42621.100) and using macOS 12.0.1

I have sent several times the file error but haven't gotten any answer yet

I got with support a couple of weeks ago and was told that was a known issue and a new version should come soon, that is why I updated to version 6.5.0

This whole situation is very frustrating.

Does anyone have similar issue and got a good response that solve the problem?.


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