Can I sync a full years worth of data from my bank to quicken?

I just purchased Quicken and I would like to download all my data from 2021 (a full year) into Quicken. I only automatically downloaded 3 months worth. I'm really hoping there is a way to link the full year. Any thoughts?


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    On the bank's website, see if they offer "Web Connect". That's he process where you initiate the download from the website instead of from within Q.
    IF they offer Web Connect, see if they let you specify the timeframe of the download.
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    What bank -

    and - just to clarify - it is totally up to the bank as to how much data they offer for downloading -
    A - usually 90 days for Quicken access
    B - as mentioned aboive - they may also allow manual downloading of data - but totally up to the bank
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