quicken starter edition downloads a nonextant transaction

I use a microsoft windows 10 laptop with Quicken Starter home edition. [Removed - Rant] I just renewed and updated. It downloaded a transaction for $2,999.90 to my company savings. There has not been a transaction in that amount. Ever. Not in any of my accounts. I checked them all. I bank with Chase. I believe Chase over Intuit any day.


  • Also quicken does not appear to even list my software package on this site
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    Quicken isn't owned by Intuit, it was sold years ago.  The new company is Quicken Inc.

    As for the downloaded transaction, what is the connection type?  If it is (and should be since Chase provides it for free) Direct Connect then the transactions are coming directly from Chase.

    Direct Connect:
    Quicken -> Financial institution's OFX server

    Express Web Connect:
    Quicken -> Quicken Connection Services (Quicken server) -> Intuit server (Quicken Inc pays Intuit for the aggregation service) -> Financial Institution's website
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    Check what is in the OFXlog file (Help menu).  I've never known Quicken to just invent transactions, but if it is in the OFXlog, then Quicken was instructed to enter it.
    Agreeing with what Chris_QPW stated above, Direct Connect and Web Connect data is solely provided by the financial institution, whereas, Express Web Connect data is gleaned by the aggregator service (Intuit) and it could possibly contain a mistake, it shouldn't, but it could.
    Bottom line, Direct Connect is free from Chase for non-commercial accounts (commercial maybe free, but I can't attest to that) and you should use it whenever possible.

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