Bill reminders are being changed to Income reminders?

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Hello I am having an issue where some Bill reminders are randomly being converted into income reminders. The first one i needed to fix showed a positive number, income coming from a credit card. Now I noticed a negative number on a reminder that was a Bill reminder and was converted (by the system) to a Income reminder. Any fixes for this? I'm using Quicken Premier for Windows V R37.64 build Thanks


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    Having the same issue. Thought I was crazy. Very random. Any response from quicken ??
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    Generally the only Quicken employees who monitor this forum are the Moderators. They only take action if a reported problem is widespread and easily replicated.

    The in program Report a Problem link is monitored and logged but you should not expect a personal response. For best results, make sure to include clear steps to reproduce the problem.

    We users on the forum can help diagnose problems and if possible help you fix or work around them.

    Your best bet for reporting actual bugs would be to contact Quicken Support by phone or chat.
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