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new to quicken and easily connected and downloaded transactions, but only got 3 months of transactions. I need all year for tax purposes. I exported ofx file of my account, and imported to quicken, but I can't find data in check register. How to I get January through September transactions into my register?


  • Hi @miguelito,

    Thank you for contacting the community, I am sorry that you are experiencing this issue and I understand that this can be frustrating. 

    In order to better help you towards a resolution, I require some more information. First, what financial institution is this account with? What is the connection method that you are using (Direct, Quicken, Web)? Do you have any filters activated regarding transactions in this account?

    I look forward to hearing your response.

    Thank you, 
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  • This is with Umpqua Bank, and I'm connecting direct. I think it may be a filter issue, but I don't see a place adjust filters; I've seen the button to download all available transactions and selected that, but it still only goes to September 2021. However, my account will export ofx with transactions back to 2017, and I'd like to bring these into Quicken. It recognizes and imports the file, but I can't find the data after the import
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    You are doing the right thing. Most banks will only allow 90 days of transactions for downloads. 

    When you imported the OFX file, did it ask you to match to an account? You may have created a new account that is holding those transactions. Check the sidebar for an account you don't recognize. If that happened, the solution is easy. Just go to that new account, select all transactions, and drag and drop them to the existing account in the sidebar. Then delete the (now empty) new account. 
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    it does not appear to create a new account. I tried to create a new account and import the .qfx file into it, but the radio buttons don't allow that; I tried to create a new account by bypassing the online synch and I can't get past that. I created a new file and a new account but I can't figure out how to import the .qfx. Quicken sees and imports the file, but it doesn't give me any options as to where to save it or how to deal with the import. It just flashes a second as it works, then returns me to my screen with the unaffected account.
  • miguelito
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    okay, I backed into a solution. I started from scratch, and there was an option to "open a Quicken file." I selected the .qfx file and it created a new account with transactions going back to 2015. I lost some of the work I had done creating tags, but that was less than an hour's work so I'm not going to sweat that. (I lost work in a file that seems to have been erased with the creation of the new file; or at least I can't find it anywhere.)
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