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Why does Quicken not provide for custom or modification of formulas?


  • Jim_Harman
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    "Why" questions like this are difficult to answer. Remember, we are users like you and do not have insights into the plans or inner workings of Quicken.

    What sort of information are you looking for?

    You can export Quicken's reports and Portfolio views to Excel and manipulate the data there if you want.
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    I can sort of answer this "why" question.  Quicken Inc doesn't believe that their target customer can handle this let alone, writing the code, documenting it and supporting it.

    As soon as you say "custom formula" you now have to variables, built-in functions, and all the rest.  In other words, a system like Excel.

    This with a target customer base/code that they don't think can handle a search like this:
    Term1 AND Term2 OR Term3
    This is my website:
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