Wrongly assigned transfer account category on download

Quicken is really messing up my accounts. Every time i download transactions, it assumes that a transaction from another account with the same dollar amount is a transfer and assigns the [accountname] category to it. None of my transactions are transfers. How do i get this to stop? If i change the category to what it should be...it deletes the transaction from the other account.


  • Chris_QPW
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    Turn off automatic transfer detection, or at least turn on confirmation.  Transfer detection is just a guess based on the amount and approximate date.  The best practice is to manually enter transfers before you download them and then match to them.

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  • splasher
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    To answer part of the why does it delete the transaction in the other account, once the association is made, it is permanent and changing the category of either transaction causes the "matching transaction" (whether it should have been matched or not) to be removed.  You have to stop Quicken from making the match to begin with using Chris_QPW's suggestions.
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