Archiving vs. creating a copy

What is the difference between creating a year end archive and creating a copy/template? I had assumed that creating an archive would actually remove the entries from the selected dates, but when I did a practice archive choosing very old dates that normally show up (because we've never done anything but just keep using the same file), and then looked up a long term customer, all the data from those chosen dates for that customer showed up as usual when doing a search. So what, exactly, does "archiving" actually do? When then made me wonder what the "copy" option actually does and how do they differ?

I back up the entire file every week, but have never used the other options. However, the file is getting pretty big and unwieldy and I would like to get it to where we are using only the current year EXCEPT still have access to show uncleared transactions from any date. Is this possible?


  • Jim_Harman
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    Please see this Help article and post back with any questions
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    > @Jim_Harman said:
    > Please see this Help article and post back with any questions

    Well, yes, I read that already, but like I posted above, when I follow the instructions, and archive a specific time period, nothing seems to change and all those transactions (that are reconciled transactions) still appear as they always have when I use the current file. Are you saying anything archived does not get taken "away" to a separate file but rather just remains in my current file? If so, what is the point of archiving?

    I used the "I only want transaction in my current data file starting with this date:" option.
  • Jim_Harman
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    Sorry, I can't comment because I have not used that feature. My data file has all the data dating back to when I first started using Quicken in 2000 and it has not caused any problems (so far!)
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  • jdsmurf1
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    Martlock, I did the same thing this morning and put in 1-1-2019 to start and all other years just in archive. I also told it to use the same file and I got the same result. My current file looks the same as when I started which included 2017 & 2018. Hope we get an answer to this