Quicken Copy and Backup - menu screen image doesn't scroll

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I cannot scroll down to see the instructions for archiving a copy of Quicken when.
This started around June of 2021.
I am using Quicken version R37.62
I have attached a screen print.


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    I would like answers that have worked.
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    What size monitor is being used and do you have Windows scaling set to something other than 100%?

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    rwrich21 said: I cannot scroll down to see the instructions for archiving a copy of Quicken
    Here is what I see on my laptop - 1280 x 800 - your screen image text seems larger than normal ?
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    I was able to reproduce this.  This has nothing to do with the display size, and for a change not even Windows Scaling nor Quicken's Large Fonts.

    When you use one of the above scaling settings everything gets larger, and as such still fits provided you have enough resolution on your screen.

    This is different, only the text is larger, not the dialog.  And that lead me to try enlarging the text, and sure enough that produced the same problem.  The problem of just increasing the size of the text is that not all dialogs/windows can be resized, and as such you get this problem.

    Note the text size scaling is under the Windows Accessibility settings.
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