I’d like someone at Quicken to answer

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How is it possible that something so seemingly simple can still not be fixed after several months?? Every few weeks we get the same generic response with no ETA. Why do we pay for service like this??



  • Sherlock
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    If you want a response from Quicken, I suggest you contact Quicken.

    How simple something may appear is no indication of when sufficient resources will be applied or how long it may take for a fix to be available.  Note:  For this issue, I suspect the problem is between Intuit and Capital One and the issue is not the highest priority issue on their queues.

    We pay for service like this because we choose to.  Note:  We pay Quicken and Quicken pays Intuit.
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    Never mind, I found that release that was supposed to fix this came out long ago, so clearly it didn't.
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    yeah, big 'f'in problem, especially for folks who have all their bank accounts at Cap One and all their investment accounts at Schwab. We're back to pencil and paper since Nov. 15. Daily updates of possible fixes, sometime they work a little bit, but none have solved massive problems.
  • Rick B31
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    I agree. Why do we keep renewing? I am having issues with Capital One, Greenstate Credit Union, Discover Card and Edward Jones. Oh ya...That all my accounts, so I can have any further issues. Sometimes they down load completely. Sometimes they download part of my ledgers and some times the double everything up. I have been with Quicken/Intuit for more than 35 years. The past two years have been the worst. My accounts are simple. SSA, Government Retirement and Some Edward jones withdrawals. But Quicken can not keep them straight. Above you inferred that the issues with CapitalOne and Quicken was the lack of urgency with Capital One. If that's the case are all of my accounts having the same urgency issues or is there a Common denominator? I need to get this straightened out.
  • mjonis
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    Good luck contacting Quicken. I contacted Customer Service to request an additional 3 months extension and was told I had to contact Technical Support (WTH?) and that it was unlikely they would do that.
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