My custom Home page views are gone

I long ago customized my home page to what I wanted to see (and it took a long time to do), and with this new "update" it's gone. How can I get it back?


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    Thank you for reaching out to the Quicken Community. We apologize you are having this issue. For this particular instance, I would recommend restoring a backup if one is available to you. 

    For instructions on restoring a backup please click here. 

    When you have a moment please attempt the steps from the Help Article above and let us know how it goes!

    -Quicken Paloma

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    What version ..... Help --> About Quicken

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

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    EDITED to take into account that is looks like they changed the controls a bit since the last time I looked at this.

    First off look to see if it just switched from My Money (your view you setup) to Dashboard.
    If so, click on My Money (note you can create multiple classic views that will show here, like my other ones, Income, Expenses, and Taxes).

    Note you can select the gear icon menu and get this menu:

    If you flip this switch where it will show "Classic Dashboard" instead of "Dashboard", it will hide the new Dashboard.
    This is my website:
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    No, I looked at all the tabs, and the pages I set up are gone. [Removed - Disruptive] it isn't my data, it is the new layouts in the home page, showing stuff I don't care about, and wiping out the stuff I do care about. If you are going to "improve" these pages, make it so I can customize things as I'd like, such as Net Worth by year (I can do that in a report, but not here.)
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    No, I looked at all the tabs, and the pages I set up are gone. ...
    Please do us a favor and show us an image snapshot of your Home view and the subtabs immediately underneath. I can't believe that they're really gone.
    I was surprised by the introduction of the new dashboard myself, but my own customized Home view had not vanished. What had changed was the setting in Edit / Preferences / Startup which forced the Startup location to be the Dashboard instead of my own Home Page. Changing the Startup location back to point to my specific Home page by name solved that issue.
    And yes, I really do dislike it when the programmers make heavy-handed forced changes like the new dashboard or the introduction of Simple Investing.

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    KATHLEEN DONOHUE said: No, I looked at all the tabs, and the pages I set up are gone.
    Just wondering if there is a little "triangle" next to names.... indicating more than can be listed on the horz line.

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

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    KATHLEEN DONOHUE said: No, I looked at all the tabs, and the pages I set up are gone.
    Still wondering how this turned out ?
    Since we are not looking over your shoulder, we can only play 20 questions to try and "see" what you are seeing.
    Are ALL the tabs gone,except for the new Dashboard -
    OR - is the Dashboard there AND some other tabs,but not ALL of your old Views ?

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

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    If the only view that appears on the Home tab is the Dashboard view, select the gear icon at the right and turn on Classic Dashboard and the missing Home tab views should appear.

    To remove the Dashboard view from the Home tab, select one of the classic views and the gear icon at the right should allow you to turn off the Dashboard.

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    I would also like to get my Home view back. The last update changed the Home page to preset Quicken
    Dashboard views. The slider for the Dashboard doesn't change the view. I'm stuck using the four views in Quicken and I can't get less than one view on the Dashboard. Instead of having those fixed views, how about having an option to bypass the Home page altogether if that is all that is available.
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    jcbellis said: I would also like to get my Home view back.
    Not sure what you are seeing.... 
    There are a couple of ways the Home Screen menu bar is being displayed and used.... along with the GEAR settings.
    The new Dashboard and any custom screens should be listed - or avail in a drop down with the Dashboard.
    BUT... I think I may have also stumbled across a situation where my custom screens were missing,
    and I wound up restoring from a backup QDF file.
    Can you take a Snipping Tool screen grab and drag it into a message...

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

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