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Hi everyone! I just updated my subscription and getting ready to categorize transactions for my accountant…and I am missing transactions for months March through November. Has anyone had this issue, and if so, what did you do to resolve it?
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    Prior to this product update, when was the last time that you downloaded from your Financial Institutions into Q?
    In general, downloads initiated from within Q only go back 30-90 days ... so if your missing transactions are older than that you'll need to see if your FI's support downloads that go further bank when the download is initiated from their website.

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    Hi @NotACPA. Thank you for your reply. I haven’t downloaded since probably last March! AHHH That’s what’s going on! I have transactions from Jan-Mar then Nov to current. Shall I then download the transactions manually, from my bank?
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    If you are able to download transactions from your bank in QFX format, and your bank supports importing such files in Quicken, then yes, you can download the transactions and then import them into Quicken.

    Ideally, if your bank download lets you specify a specific time range, choose the start date and end date to fill exactly the dates between your last download early in 2021 and the first transaction you have in November 2021. Otherwise, you will end up with some duplicate transactions in Quicken (which is not fatal; you just have to find and delete duplicates). 
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    To avoid missing old transactions you should download at least once a month or maybe even more frequently. It makes it much easier to stay on top of your financial situation and avoids the mad rush at tax time.
    For me, downloading regularly, about every day, just saved me money. The download uncovered an unauthorized credit card transaction which I was able to dispute and get resolved immediately.
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