Can't see loan register to accept downloaded transactions

I downloaded transactions from my financial institution and it created a new line of credit account as a credit account.  Immediately, on selecting this new account in Quicken, it displays a white box with a green check that says "This loan is paid off."  It is a new loan and most certainly is not paid off.

I input transactions from other accounts that post to this credit account.  So now it shows a balance under Loan Balance but "this loan is paid off" is still there and I can't access the register.

I'm using Quicken Premier R37.66 Build on Windows 10 Home 21H1 Build 19043.1415.



  • Boatnmaniac
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    What it sounds like to me is that you set up the LOC via Add Account and the download during that process set it up as a fixed loan, not as a revolving LOC loan.  Is this understanding correct?
    Loan accounts that are linked to the lender do not have account registers.  I generally recommend that loans not be linked to the lender for this reason (among a few others).  If you want to see a register for your LOC account it needs to be set up as a manual account.
    When I had a revolving LOC with my bank I set up the revolving LOC loan as a manual credit card account.  Then when I would get an advance from the LOC loan, it would download as a deposit to my checking account and I would categorize it as a transfer from the LOC credit card account.  When I would make a payment to the LOC loan it would download from my checking account as a payment which I would then categorize as a transfer to the LOC credit card account. 
    This manual process worked really well for me...and the LOC credit card account had an account register which I really liked and wanted.  You might want to consider trying it, if not in your primary data file then maybe create a new Quicken file which you could name TEST or something else different from your primary data file.
    Questions?  Thoughts?

    (Quicken Classic Premier Subscription: R54.16 on Windows 11)

  • Michael Rosen
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    Sorry, I never saw a notification for your reply.

    This is a HELOC.  I was going to deactivate online services but it says I need to accept downloaded transactions first.  But I can't do that as I can't access those transactions.

    I saw another post suggesting to change settings to accept all downloaded transactions, but I have a lot of other downloaded transactions in other accounts that I don't want to do that with.

    I guess I'm going to have to catch up on those before I can fix this.
  • anz
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    This is NOT the way it USED to work. When I added a new account in January 2022, everything changed. My loans that WERE entered as Credit Cards were switched to loans...that were closed, and new accounts set up that do not allow me to see transactions.

    Manual is USELESS. Why use Quicken if I am going to do everything manually? That makes Quicken no better than a spreadsheet.

    Why did this change? From what I've seen from other threads, this difference started in the Fall of 2021 -- probably with a Quicken Update.

    Quicken needs to fix this! I should be able to see transactions in the register for any account. I should be able to create new entries, IF I CHOOSE. I should be able to see the PAST history of all accounts.
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    I have no idea on how to fix this, or how it went wrong, but line of credit accounts are supposed to be in the account type of credit card and have the account register.  On the other hand, loans like mortgages are supposed to get the account type of "Loan" and not have an account register.

    It sounds like for some reason the line of credit accounts were credited with the wrong account type (or converted to the wrong account type if this just started happening in an account that was already created).
    This is my website:
  • anz
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    How can I look at the transactions in my loan account?

    I'll have to contact support.
  • Boatnmaniac
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    edited February 2022
    Yes, it does sound like something happened to change the type of account from Credit Card to Loan.  I have not seen that happen before so I am not sure how it can be fixed (if it can be fixed at all).
    To clarify what @Chris_QPW said about "loans like mortgages are supposed to get the account type of "Loan" and not have an account register":  It is true that loans set up for download from the lender do not have an account register.  But if the loan is not set up for download from the lender, there should be a register visible.
    That all being said, I think your best shot at correcting this is to restore a backup file that is from a date before the problem first showed up.
    Another idea, and this is probably a long shot, that you might want to consider trying:
    1. Backup your data file before proceeding.
    2. Go to Account List > select the errant loan account in question > Edit > Online Services tab > Deactivate.
    Did this change the loan account to a manual loan with a register?

    If it did, you can then do Add Account and set up a manual credit card account for it. 

    Then try to move any/all transactions in the loan account register to the new credit card account by right clicking on the transaction, click on Move Transaction(s), select the new credit card account from the drop down and then click OK.  (You can select multiple transactions for this Move process by left clicking on the first one, scrolling down the registers and while holding down the Shift key left click on it.) 

    If this works, then you can try to set up downloads from the bank for the new credit card account by doing Add Account and making sure to link the download to the new manual credit card account.  If this works you might need to delete some duplicate transactions that were downloaded.

    If restoring a backup file or doing this long-shot fix does not work, then I think your only option is to deactivate your loan accounts and then do Add Account to set up a new credit card account for download...make sure during the setup process not to link it to the loan account that was deactivated.

    Let me know if you tried any of this and what the result was.

    (Quicken Classic Premier Subscription: R54.16 on Windows 11)

  • Michael Rosen
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    It's been too long so I can't restore a backup without losing a lot of transactions.

    I don't know they can have an online account requiring your to accept downloaded transactions with no way to accept them.
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