Apparently I have 2 versions of Quicken on my computer, Should I delete the older one

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During a recent successful query to the Quicken community I noticed that Quicken support identified me as using Quicken 2017. (See picture labeled "Support says.")

The picture labeled "2 Versions of Quicken" comes from a search of my computer using Revo Uninstaller. It shows that I have both Quicken 2017 on board and also the Jan. 5 latest version of Quicken by subscription.

So which version of Quicken starts up when I open it each day? Am I really still using 2017? I'm not happy that Quicken Online identifies me as using Quicken 2017. I believe in keeping my PC free of extraneous files. May I delete Quicken 2017? Why doesn't Quicken Support see me as a user of the latest version?


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    It isn't possible (without knowing a hard workaround) to have two versions of Quicken installed at the same time.  It is possible for "fragments" of Windows registry settings to be left around by old installs/uninstalls.

    If you do Help -> About Quicken, it will tell you what you are really running.

    To clean up the registry settings you might use your Revo Uninstaller but be aware of the fact that if it "goes too far" you might have to reinstall Quicken.
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    To determine the version of Quicken you are using, select Help > About Quicken.  

    I suggest you perform a clean uninstall, install and update.  If you haven’t already, you may want to review:

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    As mentioned - you can really only have one version of Quicken running on your computer.
    If you want to see if there is actually another old "Intuit" version ....
    do a Windows SEARCH across your entire computer hard drive for ..... QW.EXE 

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

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