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I'm using Q for Mac. My Quicken files are stored on my local drive in the default Quicken directory (name/Library/Application Support/Quicken/Documents). My automatic backups are in a subfolder of "Documents" which is stored in iCloud.

Today when I opened my file, some of the Payee names that I updated last night had their old names again. Not sure how that happened, but I decided to Restore from backup, and chose the backup file that was created last night. When asked where to restore, I selected the same local directory (name/Library...) and was asked if I wanted to overwrite the current file, which I said yes to. The transactions looked correct, just as I had entered them last night. However, when I went to update or looked at Connected Services, I got a warning that my file was not the latest file that was synced to the Cloud account, and I was prompted to Update/Reset (can't remember the exact wording) the Cloud account. So I did that and then all my transactions were redownloaded and reverted back to their state before I did any customization (Payee name changes, tags added, memos entered, etc). VERY FRUSTRATING TO SEE THIS!

It appears that all my data is accurate in the backup file, but I can't find a way to sync my Cloud account with that backup file.

That was a very long-winded description of what's going on, but hopefully someone will have seen this and have a solution.


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    I have seen this reported on the Windows side.  The "sync" gets out of whack, and it thinks that the data in the Quicken cloud dataset is "newer" and as such overwrites what is in the Quicken data file.

    The workaround is to restore the data file from the backup, and then before doing any update, reset the Quicken cloud dataset.  Since I'm one Windows, I don't know the exact steps on how to reset the Quicken cloud dataset.  So, hopefully a Mac user will point that out if you need those steps.
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    Exactly as Chris says: Go to Preferences > Connected Services, and click Cloud Account Reset button. This wipe out the existing Cloud account and reloads it from your desktop file — and that's what you want, for your local file data to prevail. 
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    I understand the steps you describe, but here's the problem now. The file that I have open does not have the latest changes I made to payees, notes, etc. So I go to "Restore from Backup" which closes the current (most recent) file and opens the older one I want. Now I see all of my updates. However, when I try to update accounts or go to Connected Services, I get the message "Cloud account not found", which forces me to create a new cloud account. But when that's done, the changes that I just saw disappear and the file is "reverted" but to the newer version, not what was in the backup I restored.
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    Why can't I restore a backup and force the cloud account to sync with it?
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    I think I've discovered the problem. My account had Mobile and Web sync turned on. On my desktop, I made some updates to Payees and tags, then quit and saved a backup, but didn't click Update to sync back to the web. Now when I restore the backup from my local drive, which has the latest updates, the cloud account resets and syncs back with what the online version has, which unfortunately didn't include my latest updates on the desktop. I can't see a way to delete the online version and force the cloud account to sync with what's on my local drive.

    It would be nice if when exiting the desktop, a prompt would remind you to sync to the web, just like it prompts you for a backup. Weird and complicated problem if you ask me.
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