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how do I download bank statements from my bank? When I started it just went back 3 months but I need all of last year.


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    How much data is downloaded into Quicken when setting up online services for an account and during OSU is defined by the financial institution.  There is nothing we can do to change that or modify how much data gets downloaded via Direct Connect or Express Web Connect.
    You did not say which bank you are using.  Some banks also allow for manual downloading from your online account in QFX (or "Quicken") format.  This is called the Web Connect method.  If your bank supports this Web Connect you should be able to select the time period of transactions that you want, download it in that format, import it into Quicken and then match the downloaded data to the account you have already set up in Quicken.
    If your bank does not support Web Connect, your options are limited to:
    1. If you bank supports downloads in QIF, Excel, CSV or OFX:  You can try downloading the data in one of these formats and then download a program that can perhaps convert the file into something that Quicken can import.  One such program is ImportQIF which is freeware and was developed by a long time Quicken user and an active participant in this Community.  You can read up on it and download it from  I have not used the program myself but others have posted in this forum that it works quite well.
    2. Another option is to manually enter all the missing transactions that you want included.
    3. A final option is to not do anything and simply live with the data that was downloaded.

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