Quicken overwrites the checks that I have written during bank downloads

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"CHECK# 2728 Check Withdrawal" appears instead of my payee. I have looked for a box equivalent to the "don't overwrite my memo" but none exists. A support person says that its not possible to prevent this overwriting but somehow I don't remember this being a problem years ago. I also was told that under preferences, there is a way to enable the program from reordering checks from "date written" to "date cleared by the bank" I want the former but can find a way to prevent the latter.



  • Alcors3
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    Does this happen with all bank accounts or just a single one? Curious because I have 2 checking accounts in Quicken, each at a different bank, and a download will only fill in the memo or payee field if I they are blank in Quicken.
  • Chris_QPW
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    Just to be clear, you have put entered a transaction in the register for the check with the correct payee, right?

    Quicken shouldn't overwrite your payee when it merges the downloaded transaction into the one you have entered into the register.  If it is doing this then about the only thing, I can think of that might do crazy things like this is if using sync to Mobile/Web and it is messing up.
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  • ChipSV
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    It happens with all bank accounts. Why would the program reorder the place of the checks in time? I want them in numerical order, no matter when they cleared the bank.
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    I'm with Chris_QPW on this, I enter multiple transactions every month, some of them checks, some of them future non-Quicken billpay transactions which have my specific Payee and Memo and they are never overwritten.
    You didn't respond to Chris_QPW's speculation that you are using QMobile/Qweb and that the sync might be causing the issue.
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  • Alcors3
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    re sorting your checks, open the bank account, click on the gear icon, and select "Sorting Options". The drop down menu provides multiple sort options, including by date or date cleared.

    a shot in the dark re changing the payee name: check the register settings under "During Transaction Download". See if "Automatically apply Quicken's suggested name to payee" is checked.
  • Alcors3
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    similar problem reported at link below along with additional settings to check:
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