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Quicken tech messed up my program, I was put on hold numerous times for up to 28 minutes each time, then "I'm sorry I was delayed", then the same thing over again. 2.5 hrs and still not fixed! Problem: I open Quicken, sign in, finally the screen has 2 windows, "Welcome to Quicken", It has 2 boxes, one is, "Did you purchase Quicken from Quicken.com", the second box is "Activate a "New Quicken Subscription". I want neither as I have had this program for1.5 years. I just want this screen to disappear and open the data entry.


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    Hello @Thunderman,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community to tell us about your issue, though I apologize that you are experiencing this and for your dissatisfying experience with support.

    In regard to your interaction with support, I will go ahead and have the interaction pulled for further review so we can provide the tech with an appropriate coaching opportunity.

    In regard to your issue, could you please close and reopen the program so get the sign in screen again. Then, see if it will give you the option to click on Create a new ID or Sign in with a different Quicken ID at the bottom of the sign-in screen (underneath "Having problems with your Quicken ID?") as shown in the example below.

    If that option is there, go ahead and click on it. You should then be prompted to type "Yes" and click Sign Out.

    After that, you should then be taken back to the sign-in screen again (the bottom "Having problems..." section should now no longer show), and you should now be able to sign in successfully.

    Let us know how it goes!

    -Quicken Anja
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  • I did exactly as you said, matter of fact I do remember the tech having me do that also with no fix, and as soon as I tried logging in with my email and password, the same page came up. Interesting that right when I log in and before the page with those messages come up, I can see very briefly see one of the pages showing accounts but only for a mili-second, then the page comes up as described in my note above.
    If you have any other suggestions I'm all ears..
  • I did try to log in several times after doing your suggestion but the result was the same. I even logged out of Q right after doing the fix and logged in after shutting down entirely with the same results.
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    Do you have Manual Backup Files?

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