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I have 3 computers that I regularly use. Two laptops are running Windows 11 without issues. The third--a Microsoft Surface Studio--is the only machine I run Quicken on. Currently, it runs Windows 10.
I have reviewed numerous posts on this board about Win 11. Many say no problems with Quicken. Others report a number of issues. That said, I've found it impossible to differentiate possible Win 11 issues from issues caused by updates to Quicken itself.
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Which leaves me flummoxed. I would like to be using the same OS--that is, the same interface--on all of my computers. But I'm reluctant to risk creating issues with Quicken because I use it daily and consider it essential.
And I've seen nothing official from Quicken
We in the Quicken community need clear answers to 3 questions:
1) Has Quicken certified Windows 11 to run their software?
2) If not, when do they expect to do so?
3) When they do so, how will they promulgate the information.

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  • Sherlock
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    If you haven't already, you may want to review: https://www.quicken.com/support/quicken-system-requirements

    This is where Quicken promulgates the Windows versions officially supported.  As to when Windows 11 will be included in the list, there is no estimated date.
  • Chris_QPW
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    I would approach this problem differently.

    Currently Windows 10 is "supported".  Does that mean there aren't any problems with Quicken?
    Doesn't it even mean that there aren't any problems in Quicken that relate to Windows 10?
    Hardly!  For instance, Windows 10 use of OneDrive for backing up user's Documents folder for instance.  The Documents folder it the default place to put the Quicken data file, and it is the policy for Quicken not to use "cloud folders".  So, anyone using that feature in Windows 10 has to work around this by moving the data file to another folder.

    So, what doesn't Quicken Inc's "certifying" that it works on Windows 11 really mean?
    Not much in my opinion.

    You can run Quicken 2004 on Windows 11, was it "certified" for Windows 11?

    About the only thing that will change is the line in the requirements, and the instructions to the support people to not tell people not to use it.

    So, the way I would approach this if I really wanted to be on Windows 11, is try it.  If it doesn't work for you, you can go back to Windows 10 if you do it within 10 days.

    Another thing that you might do to make you feel better about this is to install Quicken on one of those machines that already has Windows 11 on it and see if it is working there.
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  • Chris_QPW
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    BTW on the subject of " I've found it impossible to differentiate possible Win 11 issues from issues caused by updates to Quicken itself."

    The same can be said for any install of Quicken (including the patches).

    Time and time again people claim that X patch did this YYY.

    In reality it is extremely hard to tell the difference between:
    1. Install problem.
    2. Data file problem.
    3. Something changing on the chain of servers/services for things like syncing and downloading transactions.
    4. Actual problems with the patch itself.
    People fool themselves all the time jumping to #4 because that happened "recently".
    One should find it impossible to decide which one it is until they test to eliminate the other possibilities.
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  • BK
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    @ShirazSun , I second @Chris_QPW 's first comment.  You can read my experience of running Quicken on Win11, comment of Jan 12 here.
    Microsoft designed Win11 to be identical to Win10 from the compatibility perspective: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/compatibility/windows-11/
    For that reason there are many vendors that may not certify their software on Win11 due to lack of necessity (and resources) and instead allow end-users test it.

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  • ShirazSun
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    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Chris_QPW. Mine are simple and straightforward:
    1. As new computers have been being sold with Win 11 installed for over 3 months, it's in Quicken's best interest to certify their flagship product ASAP.
    2. To me certification indicates that a vendor has completed due diligence in testing its product and can affirm with reasonable confidence that it is compatible. Obviously no testing protocol is perfect and it is never surprising when bugs emerge.
    3. There is always risk involved when upgrading an OS. But the vendor's due diligence, affirmed by certification, indicates that the risk is lower.
    I'm with you, of course, re the difficulty of differentiating the potential causes of a newly-manifest software issue.
  • Chris_QPW
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    @ShirazSun good points.  Personally, I don't have that kind of trust in Quicken Inc (or Intuit before them).

    You will notice there isn't even any posts stating that they are conducting testing.  Everything with them is "on a need-to-know basis".  And I might add that seems to be even in sharing such information with their moderators.

    If history plays out the way it has in the past, it will be the users that find the compatibility problems, not Quicken QC/developers.
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  • ShirazSun
    ShirazSun Member
    Hmmm. Also good points. I've been using Quicken since 1996 (!) with relatively few issues but am new to this forum. I'm disappointed by your comment implying that the transfer of ownership hasn't resulted in a cultural change. I'll be following the forum regularly going forward.
  • Chris_QPW
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    ShirazSun said:
    I'm disappointed by your comment implying that the transfer of ownership hasn't resulted in a cultural change.
    On that point I would call it half and half.  I have seen some attitude changes, but in other ways it one would be hard pressed to tell the difference.
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