Truist connection

My password does not work on quicken for connection to Truist, Target or Kohls. What is going on with Quicken doesn't work as easy as it used to.


  • Quicken Anja
    Quicken Anja Moderator mod
    Hello @jim holt,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community and telling us about your issue, though I apologize that you are experiencing this and for not having received a response yet.

    We will need some additional information in order to better assist you further.

    Could you please provide which connection method you are using to connect for each financial institution in question (Express Web Connect or Direct Connect)? Also, could you please elaborate and provide further details on what exactly happens when you attempt the connect? Are you receiving any specific error code(s) and/or message(s) that you could provide us with here, please?

    Check back and let us know! Thank you.
    -Quicken Anja
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