Reverting Back to Release 35.31

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    I am at an impasse without being able to reconcile my Fidelity Cash Management Account (Linked to a Brokerage account). I am thinking I can start a new set of accounts as of Jan 1, 2022 (yes, I may have to manually enter all beginning positions). Additionally, I do not trust the latest SW release. I am thinking of going back to Release 35.31 from August 2021. Then I would only accept updates once the next major Release (i.e. #36) has not had any patches (a .xx release) for 3 months. This means I will be behind in Release Levels, but frankly, I will no longer spend 18-20 hours over several days trying to work with what I believe are wonky patch releases. Thoughts? Risks? Do I need to also revert the data file to Release 35.31 from August 2021 (I think I might have to do so). How/where do I find the SW download for Release 35.31 from August 2021?
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    You don't need to restore the data file back.

    Will have more/less risks going back to R35.31?

    It is really hard to judge things like that, especially since the majority of the people that might be reporting problems won't be on that release.

    But would also point out that your problems might have nothing to do with the release you are on.  It can be an "install problem" or a problem with something down the line on one of the servers from Quicken Inc, Intuit, or the financial institution.

    I will say that people that have Schwab accounts can't go to R35.31.  In R36.38 they put in the first cut at the code to allow for the new connection type (Express Web Connect +) to Schwab accounts, and Direct Connect has since been turned off.
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    I will say one more thing.  @Sherlock made a very good observation in another thread about the old "Intuit releases" where they would come out in October and all the patches after that were to stabilize that "big bang" release, sometimes all the way to April of the next year.

    But one could avoid those months before upgrading and have a pretty stable Quicken experience.

    Now with "continuous releases" the idea is supposed to be that since they are "smaller" that is less chance of big problems that take months to fix/stabilize.

    In my opinion this has been hit and miss.  For the most part it has been true, but they have also been introducing some major changes like Quicken Bill Manager, the Schwab connection change over, ...

    And that means that it is much harder to judge when things are stable.  A time like 3 months, or the last minor number in say 36.x doesn't necessarily means that it is "stable".
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  • Sherlock
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    To revert to an earlier release, I suggest you perform a clean uninstall, install while disconnected from the internet, update by applying the appropriate Mondo Patch, and restoring a data file saved prior to updating from the earlier patch release.  If you haven’t already, you may want to review: To update Quicken, I recommend you download and apply the appropriate Mondo Patch: or

    To prevent Quicken from applying an update without your approval, I suggest you set Windows UAC settings appropriately (choose default or always notify).

    I think your plan is fine as long as there aren't any unacceptable issues using the older version of Quicken.
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