Investment transactions showing as "Uncategorized" in reports

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Investment transactions such as ReinvDiv, ReinvLg, CGLong, etc are showing up as "Uncategorized" in reports such as the Investment Transactions report. The data entry forms do not have a way to assign a category to these transactions. In the report options, the Not Categorized category is turned off. This is very annoying and makes the report confusing and longer than it should be. It did not happen in the past so an update must have caused it.


  • Tom Young
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    "The data entry forms do not have a way to assign a category to these transactions."
    But the data entry forms do Categorize these transaction appropriately as _DivInc, _LTCapGnDst and _STCapGnDst.
    What version are your using?
    Have you closed Quicken and then reopened Quicken to see if that changes anything?
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    Investment transactions report subtotaled by Category. Quicken R36.38
    Currently, I find numerous transactions presented as Expenses / Uncategorized.  These include Removes, Buys, Sales, ReinvDiv, ReinvSh, and ReinvLg with $-values.  CGShort and CGLong appear without $-values. Add Share transactions appear under Income / Uncategorized.  

    The Reinv-actions are duplicates of the Income listing under the applicable category.   

    This is not particularly new.  I have seen it in many past versions as well.  I can see some logic for Adds and Removes which don't involve cash; possibly for Buys and Sells which involve value but just change the form from cash to security (out of one pocket into another).  I do sense a disconnect on what should be listed there and why.    
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    From what I see the investment report does honor deselecting "Not Categorized".

    As mentioned, certain investment transaction types like Bought don't have categories.

    Here is with it selected:

    Here is it with it not selected.

    You will notice that the buys are gone.

    At first glance it would seem that you still have transactions that don't have categories, but that isn't true, it more about the "formatting" of a given transaction.

    This is one transaction:

    For certain transaction types like ReinvDiv and Sold it is using two rows.
    This is my website:
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