IRA RMD (required minimum distribution)

WoodyS Member ✭✭
This should not be difficult, but it is. There have been several posts on this topic but, in my opinion, without satisfactory resolution. Most seem to be work-arounds. My work around amounts to using the Memo field to denote that a transaction is part of my RMD. Messy but somewhat workable. Unfortunately, Quicken values securities transfers at their purchase price, not the price on the day of transfer.

As I see it, there is a basic RMD to which a sub-distribution QCD (qualified charitable distribution) belongs. These can apply to cash or securities transfer from a tax exempt to a non-tax-exempt account.

Quicken needs to find a simple, straightforward way to categorize and then have a standard report that will accurately report RMD and RMD:QCD transactions. This should not be that hard. Please give this very common situation top priority.


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