How do I print out a mortgage schedule? (Q Mac)

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I have a private mortgage I need to keep track of but quicken won't let me print out the mortgage schedule. It won't even let me save it in a different file or transport it.


  • Marilyn Caruso
    The New Version 6.1 for MAC Reports does not Print the Title of the Report,such as 2021 Income & Expense Report. I can only find it at the very bottom of the report in very small print. How did they ever forget that we need the title of Custom Report to printout the top very Boldly, like they did before. I really makes me mad when you UPDATE and things go bad. Especially now that it is Tax time. Does Anyone know how to fix this? I just want the name of the Report to Print at the Top of each report.
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    @buccoleri Can you clarify if you are using the Loan feature in Quicken Mac? And are you referring to the screen which has a pie graph near the top showing the breakdown of interest and principal for your next payment, and below that, a register to transactions for this loan? If so, then you're correct: unfortunately, there is no wya to print that screen. I have no idea why the developers didn't build this when they built the load feature for the program several years ago. There is an existing Idea post (request for feature enhancement) for this issue, and I'd encourage you to visit that link and add your vote for the feature (click the little black arrow under the vote counter in the yellow box). This Idea post hasn't attracted many votes over time, which is likely a factor in why this hasn't popped to the top of the developers' to-do list yet. 

    Meanwhile, there's something of a trick to work around the limitation if you really want a printout. On the loan screen, click on one of the transactions, and then do Command-A to select all the transactions. With all the transactions highlighted, do File > Export > Register Transactions to CSV File. then you can open the CSV file in Excel or Numbers and print it from there. Not optimal, but it's a way to get what you want. Otherwise, the only option I'm aware of is one or multiple screen shots of the register. 

    If you're looking to print out the entire Payment Schedule, I'm afraid screen shots is all you can do. Or Google mortgage calculators (there are a lot of them out there), enter your loan terms, and print the amortization table from the website.  

    @Marilyn Caruso Your question has nothing to to with the original question asked above, but I will try to answer it. (Future hint: it's better to start a New Question that tack onto an existing one, unless you have the exact same issue as the existing one.)

    It sounds like you are using one of the very old reports in Quicken; all the reports using the modern reports engine print the report title at the top of the report. As you using the old Category Summary report? If so, you should switch to the new Category Summary by Year report, and that will solve your problem. (There are other problems with the old Category Summary report, so I strongly encourage you to switch to the new reports.)

    You can tell if you are using and old or new report several ways; in your My Reports section on the reports screen, the old reports have gray icons; the new reports have color icons. New reports have a "View" icon in the report menu bar. 
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