This is weird....transferred shares to a new investing acct and

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I recently sold some shares in an investment account (lets say Acct A). Those shares converted to cash an in the transaction section of Acct A I bought new shares from a different fund with the entire amount. Next, I decided I'd put these shares into a NEW investment acct (Acct C) which I created. Back in Acct A I added another transaction to transfer all the new shares to Acct C. But I made a mistake, so I had to go back and edit the Transfer details. I did and when I hit return it populated another line in Acct C - so two identical transactions instead of just one (Acct A only shows one transfer).

There is now way to delete the additional transaction in Acct C. So, I decided to check and see if I could just delete the entire transaction in Acct A and then retry. It again populated another transaction line in Acct C. So, I'm pretty perplexed on how to fix this. Delete Acct C and start over? Or, is there a way to edit the transactions in Acct C--if there is I could not find anywhere. Basically, for an easy process to transfer a new lot of shares into a new Investment Acct (Acct C) and zero Acct A it did not work. Buhler, Buhler......

Edited as "Acct B" populated with an emogi


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    Did you try deleting the additional transaction from account C? If so, what happened?

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  • pactaz
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    Wow. For the longest time of three icons of DASHBOARD, PORTFOLIO and TRANSACTIONS the TRANSACTIONS you could not select (it was unselectable and even a light gray color). I shut everything down and now magically I can select TRANSACTIONS in Acct C and see/edit all of them. That was really weird as they did not show up for a good couple of hours. So, I've been able to delete these duplicate transactions in Acct C now. Again weird!
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    If you ever find that Transactions is grayed out, open the settings for the account and you will likely find the Tracking setting has been set to Simple instead of Detailed; changing it back to Detailed will re-enable the Transactions view.
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