Oddity with Bonds Bought transaction and how accrued interest is handled in register

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I'm using Quicken (Canada Edition) Version 33.7 on Windows 11 Pro.

I have noticed an oddity when using the Bonds Bought transaction when accrued interest is involved.

The register transaction showing the accrued interest (_Accrued Int) has the action MiscExpX and doesn't impact the account's cash balance. The transaction was entered with 'Use cash for this transaction' as the default 'From this account's cash balance'. This happens across a number of different accounts in my data file.

If I edit transaction, the 'Transfer account" is clearly empty. If I click the text area and press delete, then click the Enter/Done button, the transaction is updated to correctly show an action of MiscExp and properly impacts the Cash balance by the amount of the accrued interest.

Strangely, in my practice data file which I use for testing purposes, I cannot reproduce the problem, the using the Bonds Bought form correctly creates a register transaction with action = MiscExp for the accrued interest.

What actions/steps can I take to fix the behaviour in my main data file?


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    This can be marked closed.

    For some unknown reason since I posted this the problem has not occurred again. 
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    @Peculiar_Investor Post has been closed per your request! Thank you for providing an update.

    -Quicken Anja
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