Charles Schwab Bonds Show Incorrect Share

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We have been receiving reports from users stating their Schwab Bond amounts are multiplying the Market Values 100x the true amount. This is because there was a bug in which the bonds were handled incorrectly and were being multiplied by 100. Users experiencing this will now have to manually adjust this instance in their quicken.

Should be shown as this:

1 Bond = 10 Shares. However, because of a bug Quicken is showing 1 bond = 100 shares(EX 50 Bonds is reflected at 5,000 shares) This is the Adjustment we need to make in the share balance in Quicken

Steps to resolve:

  • Review account transactions in Quicken
  • Make sure to have the show hidden transactions check box checked by going to: Edit> preferences > Investment Transactions > Show Hidden Transactions
  • Go to the register of the account that has the incorrect balance
  • Edit the Placeholder transaction to show the correct share balance in BONDS not the total amount of Shares.

(5,000 shares is 50 bonds so you will enter 50 here)

  • once you update the bond balance you will have to enter the correct pricing per share for these bonds which will be available on the customer's Charles Schwab web page

Thank you!
(Ticket #9176055)

-Quicken Anja
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