How do I widen the pop up window for the Loan Schedule?

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Just wondering how I can widen the pop up that opens when I look at the loan schedule for my mortgage so I can view all columns at once. The way it works now, I cannot see all the fields in the table, so I have to scroll left and right to view each row completely. It would be nice if this pop up was resizable.


  • Tom Young
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    You're referring to the amortization schedule here?
    As far as I know there's no way to widen that window, you have to scroll back and forth.  However, if you click on the printer icon and if you have a "printer" installed that creates a PDF, e.g., "Microsoft print to PDF", you can print a PDF of that schedule with all columns visible.
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    Thanks for the answer Tom. I would guess this "feature" is just old code from bygone days and no one has updated it. Any idea where we can submit features for Quicken future development?
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    To submit ideas, go to the Home page on this site, and select New Post -> New Idea.  Creating a post/idea this way will create one that people can vote on, and it is the way Quicken Inc prefers to get suggested ideas.
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