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I paid for a gift with a debit card. My friend gave me $20 cash to cover her part.

I would like to categorize the cash in cash account as both income and assign it to the "gift" category because she was paying me back for a gift I bought.

I want my gift category to show an additional $20 income since she paid me the $20.

Is there a way to do that?


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    It's a split transaction.
    Total debit in your checking account is $40.
    In the split, $20 goes to GIFTS
    and $20 is a transfer to your CASH account.

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    Why do you want to take credit for the $20 that you friend paid?  If you categorize the friend's $20 as gift, then that is what you are doing.  And it is not income, it is a reimbursement.

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