Credit Card accounts not downloading online balance

BOA not downloading online balance therefore can't reconcile. Same with BJ's CC.


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    Hi @Robert Melino,

    I am not seeing this behavior in my file, however there seem to be others who are having this same problem (albeit with other credit card providers) so it could be a Quicken issue, or less likely a provider problem.

    In any event, you could still reconcile your credit card account to a recent paper statement balance, or simply go to the provider's website and reconcile to that online balance.  Not ideal, but a temporary workaround until the application starts working again.


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  • Robert Melino
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    It may have something to do with the date. "Balance" shows as 0 2000. This problem began Jan 27th. The on-line balance has disappeared from the download altogether.
    This h as to be a Quicken problem.
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    What connection type are you using.  Lots of people are reporting problems with the online balance when using Express Web Connect.
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