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Credit Car account number has changed, company is rolling over all previous transactions to new card. Old card is on OneStep updating. How should I do this?


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    I suggest deactivating the Online Services of the credit card register.  When you subsequently setup the Online Services, Quicken should provide the new account and allow you to link it to the existing register.
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    One other step I suggest taking:  After deactivating the old card on the Online Services tab (of Account Details), go to the General tab and remove all the Financial Institution information in the upper right quadrant.  If you don't do this, when you try to set up with the new card number the old card number, instead, might reactivate the account in Quicken.  By doing this, Quicken will prompt you to link the new card number to the existing account in Quicken.
    During the setup process Quicken might enter transactions into the register that are duplicates of what is already in the register.  Any duplicate transactions will need to be manually deleted.

    (QW Premier Subscription: R51.12 on Windows 11)

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