Unable to add 2nd brokerage account

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I currently have two brokerage accounts with Northwestern Mutual. Quicken recognizes one but not the other. One is an IRA and the other is a Transfer on Death. I was able to set up similar accounts for my wife but not myself. Any reasons why?


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    What were the steps you took in trying to set up the 2nd account?
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    Hi @dfox2,

    It is difficult to understand exactly why you can't add this account, but if you provide some additional information, that will help.

    Can you clarify which, of the 2 types of accounts, won't connect?  Are you seeing any error code or message when the connection fails?  Were the 2 accounts of your wife, that connected properly, the same types of accounts, or were they different from yours?  What connection types are these (Direct Connect, Express Web Connect, or Web Connect)?  And - just to be clear - can you tell us exactly what "type" of account the "transfer on death" account is?  Is it a brokerage, mutual fund, bank, or something else?

    Get back to me and we'll go from there.


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  • dfox2
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    Steps taken: Attempted add by clicking on "+" sign. Typed in "Northwestern Mutual" in the "Search for your financial institution" page. Quicken recognized the name. Clicked on "Simple Investing" button, after trying the same thing under the "Complete Investing" button. Typed in my user name and password and Quicken returned only the IRA account as accounts found.
  • dfox2
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    To Frankx, The two accounts for my wife are the same type of accounts. The accunt is a Brokerage account. I think it is a Direct Connect account. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!
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