How do I post a 1099-SA amount for my HSA in Quicken so it transfers to TurboTax?

John R G
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I received a 1099-SA from the IRS for the Gross Distribution of mutual funds from an Optum HSA account. I tried to make a category but did not see 1099-SA on the tax line list of tax forms. Does this need to be added to Quicken or is there a work around?


  • Jim_Harman
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    Quicken has no built-in support for HSAs. I think your only option at this point is to enter the information from the 1099-SA directly into TurboTax.

    If you would like Quicken to implement support for HSAs, please comment and vote on this Idea

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    Quicken's tax lines are years behind, so far behind that they have nothing for HSA accounts, let alone them getting with Intuit to make sure it transfers into TurboTax.

    I think the best workaround is just enter the number(s) into TurboTax.
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