Quicken Data corruption - told to turn off virus protection and firewall protection

Since the Feb 3 update release, I was experiencing system crashes and data corruption. I called techsupport and did not get the kind of care I need.

I understand how complicated it is to support a program in a fluid software environment, [Removed - Speculation]. In my case, it took three different support reps and three hours to come to the [tentative] conclusion that my data corruption problem was [likely] due to an Antivirus program interfering with the file maintenance. Seems Microsoft and Quicken are having compatibility issues. I was told I had to work it out with Microsoft to get the right settings on the antivirus software. [Removed - Speculation]

The "resolution" was to turn off virus protection and firewall protection. That is a work-around, not a resolution. Leaving the customer vulnerable to virus and cyber-attack is not very customer friendly.


  • NotACPA
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    What Anti-virus program are you running? What version of that product?
    What Q product, and BUILD of that product are you running?  Do HELP, About Quicken for this info.
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  • RSamsel
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    The product is Quicken Premier (Subscription) V: R38.29 B:
    The AntiVirus is the simple Windows Security - V: 1.357.302.0

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  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    You don't have to turn off the firewall, but you should allow Quicken through it.

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  • RSamsel
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    Sorry - I meant to say I ran MS Money since 1997 - then Quicken after extinction (2011?)
  • Chris_QPW
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    I use standard Windows Security and have no problems (and that has to be a large percentage of users that do the same).

    There are a couple of potential conflicts though.  The first is with the "ransom protection/Controlled folder access" setting.  Since the default is to store the Quicken data file in Documents\Quicken, Quicken has to be set as one of the applications that can access the controlled folders if that is where you store your data file.

    On top of that conflicts can come up with the Quicken data file is stored in a "cloud sync folder".  That means if you are using OneDrive to back up your folders like Documents, then you shouldn't store your data file in Documents\Quicken.  This only goes for the data file that opened by Quicken.  You can put backups in "cloud sync folders".  So, if this is the case you would want to move the data file to somewhere like C:\Quicken.
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  • RSamsel
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    OK, I added in the Quicken entries to the Firewall and restarted the Firewall. No issues yet. It is still curious to me that the problem just started following the latest update on Feb3.
  • RSamsel
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    Oh, and I noticed that qw.exe is already added as "an allowed app" in the Controlled Folder Access.
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