Simple report that shows a list of accounts with unreconciled transactions?

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Summary says it all. Anyway to create a report that shows all the banking and investing accounts that have unreconciled transactions? 


  • NotACPA
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    How about going to the "All Transactions" page (the link is at the top of the Accounts column) and then setting the filter for "Unreconciled".
    You can also set various filters for the types of account you want to see.
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    I suggest you consider using a customized Transaction report: select Reports > Banking > Transaction, press Alt + C,  set the desired date range, check the desired accounts on the Accounts tab, uncheck Reconciled on the Advanced tab, select OK, select Account in the Subtotal by: pull-down menu and Collapse All
  • hansenb40
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    @NotACPA This is a quick a dirty approach. I like it! Thanks
  • hansenb40
    hansenb40 Windows Beta Beta
    @Sherlock Excellent suggestion. Provides more granularity than the quick and dirty approach. Thank you!
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