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    First time on community, so if this comment doesn’t belong here -sorry, don’t know where to post. For a customized report on a category with sub categories. Want subtotals by each sub but the dates would not show. If selected any other “subtotal by” the dates show up. Chat & phone techs couldn’t help. I ended up resetting the columns as to their order and the dates show up. It had not mattered what the width of column was before….i had widened it and still didn’t help. Also, found today that when have a report on screen and before could click on the line and it would take you back right back to the register where it was located and changes could be made. BUT now, that feature doesn’t work. Have to look at date, minimize screen go to account, find date, then changes can be made. Aggravating.
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    It sounds like you are doing a Spending > Itemized Categories report. It is a little hard to tell exactly what the problem is, but I take it when there are subcategories you want to see the transaction dates but they don't show.

    This may be because the Date column is too narrow. Click on the dividing line between the Date and Account headers and drag it to the right to widen the column.

    For me, selecting a row in the report and double-clicking on it brings me directly to the register entry.
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