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I have a version of Quicken running on a Mac, but I am recreating the account on a Windows PC. When trying to add one of Financial Institutions (TD Ameritrade - AdvisorClient) it is not listed in Windows but is on my Mac. On my Mac it's beautiful -it list all the holdings of 5 different types of accounts and current positions. On my PC it does not even list the institution as an option! I notice generally that the Mac version has a lot more Institutions. I don't get it. Why would one version have the ability to connect but not the other? What am I missing? Could it be there but I don't see it?

(Please don't tell me I can manually set up the 100+ funds when they are there is the Mac version. Also, please do let this become a discussion of which is better - but I am a little confused why there is even a difference. )


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    I edited the title of your post to make it clearer.

    QWin has TD Ameritrade. Did you try setting it up using that name?
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    There are four possibilities.
    1. Then name of the financial institution is different.
    2. The financial institution is Canadian. Unlike Quicken Mac, Quicken Windows is separated out in Quicken Windows US and Quicken Windows Canadian and the Canadian financial institution as a general rule aren't in the US list, and the opposite for the Canadian list.
    3. I have notice that lately Quicken Mac has picked up support for "nontraditional" institutions for investment accounts.  Before Direct Connect was required, but with the new connection method they are trying (I say trying because I see reports of zero balances) to get them.  Presumably eventually Quicken Windows would get the same feature. But given all the problems with Schwab and what I guess is the same connection type (Express Web Connect + in Quicken Windows terms), it might be a while. 
    4. Every financial institution decides what they want to support.  Usually when there is a difference it is Quicken Windows that has the support and Quicken Mac doesn't, but it can go the other way.  But these would a very small fraction of financial institutions.
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