Investment transaction cash balance not matching with actual cash balance

Phil H.
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The investment transaction register cash balance does not match with the actual cash balance in the "Holdings" page or as reported by the brokerage (Schwab)


  • Tom Young
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    This is a forum where Quicken users answer other Quicken users questions.  You've not asked a question here so it's difficult to know how to respond.  If the implicit question is "why?" then without looking at your transaction list it's impossible to give any sort of precise answer. 
    Do you download all your transactions, or enter them manually.  Assuming it's the former, has the cash balance in Quicken generally agreed to the broker's number, but just recently gone astray?  If the answer to that question is "Yes" then it seems like a close examination of transactions that have affected cash, or a search for a transaction that should affect cash but isn't in the Account, should allow you to smoke out the reason for the difference.
    You might try posting a screen shot of your Transaction List to see if someone can spot something amiss.
  • Jim_Harman
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    Also, as discussed here

    Schwab has changed how it treats cash balances vs money market funds. Perhaps that is your issue.
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  • Phil H.
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    I'm sorry I did precede my statement with "Why" but my question is why two different balances are reported on the same data. Looking as the image I have attached, the top portion displays the cash balance ($58...) from the "Transaction" page whereas the "Holdings" page displays the cash balance ($23...) from Quicken and the brokerage. When I clink on the $58... balance it will display what my brokerage reports ($23...).
    You have put me on an investigative path. This and other oddities popped up after the Nov 2021 connection with Schwab was made.
  • slexpress
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    @Phil H.
    I don’t know if you resolved your issue, but at any time “…after the Nov 2021 connection with Schwab was made”, did Quicken add a placeholder on your transaction page?
  • Phil H.
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    @slexpress. No placeholder was placed. I really don't know if the issue is also part of the Bond quantity that I have with 3 of the 9 bonds I have. I have seen that it was a bug when the Nov 16 transition took place. An example would be that I have 250 bonds but Schwab states 25000 (since they are sold in increments of 100). I've dealt with the Q help line but they have been of no help. So right now I can't reconcile, can't get the correct cash value and get no help.
    If I click on the cash balance the window pops up and it actually shows the correct cash balance as reported by Q and Schwab.
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