Is there a way to Merge two investment accounts?

I am trying to clean up by Quicken and somehow I have two investment accounts, but its really one brokerage account. Is there a way to merger them into one account?


  • Jim_Harman
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    You should be able to move transactions from one account to the other. I assume these are offline accounts, where you have entered the transactions manually.

    Back up your data file in case something goes wrong. Choose the account that will be the combined account, normally the one that has the most transactions already.

    Go to the Account Details for that account and if there is a Single Mutual Fund option, set it to No.

    Then go to the other account, click on the gear at the top right, and pick Move transactions. Select the combined account as the Move to account, click on Select all, then cross our fingers and click on Move.

    You may have some cleanup to do after the moves are complete, for example if there have been transfers between the two accounts.
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  • Boatnmaniac
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    If the accounts were/are set up for download from the investment company, then after you back up your data file and before you move the transactions you might want to check if you have an overlap time period between the two accounts. For example if the transactions in one account go from 1/2/2021 thru 6/30/2021 and transactions in the other account go from 6/1/2021 thru today, there is an overlap period of about 1 month...from 6/1/2021 thru 6/30/2021. 
    You should review the transactions in that overlap time period in each account to see any of those transactions are duplicates of each other (they probably are).  If so, manually delete those transactions in the overlap time period in one of the accounts...not in both accounts.
    You can look for and manually delete any duplicate transactions because of this overlap after you do the transactions move but I think it would be easier to do before completing transactions move.

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