Quicken Could Not Verify The Connection to Quick Cloud ... For more than a week!

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Running Quicken Deluxe Version 6.5.3 (Build 605.42687.100) for Mac.

Since last week, I have been unable to connect to the Quicken Cloud and I have been unable to download any transactions across any of my connected accounts. I have contacted Quicken support but all I am being told is "the problem is being worked on."

Given that I rely exclusively on Quicken to manage my finances and given that we are approaching tax time, when can I expect this issue to be resolved?


  • Hi @asgaynor,

    Thank you for contacting the Community, I am sorry that you are experiencing this error. I understand that it can be frustrating.

    Are you receiving any error messages when trying to update your accounts? It sounds like you are experiencing a general sync error involving the Quicken cloud. 

    We do currently have a few active alerts regarding this issue. I have added the links below to both alerts so that you may follow and bookmark them in order to stay up to date on any current information or potential resolutions that may occur.



    Thank you for your continued patience and support. 
    Quicken Jasmine

    -Quicken Jasmine
  • asgaynor
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    Thank you, @"Quicken Jasmine". Though I appreciate the additional links to review, I would like to understand the ETA on resolving this issue. Being unable to download activity across all of my connected accounts for more than a week is debilitating. It is my hope this is one of the top priorities for Quicken as it seems it is affecting many different users. Thank you.
  • Hi @asgaynor

    Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, we do not have a current ETA for this to be fixed however it is a top priority. Our active alerts do get updated on a daily basis, so I would keep an eye out for potential resolutions that may pop up as well as ETAs or any other available information that we may come across in regards to this error. 

    Thank you,
    Quicken Jasmine
    -Quicken Jasmine
  • asgaynor
    asgaynor Member ✭✭
    @Quicken Jasmine - are there any updates on this?
  • Hello @asgaynor,

    Thank you for your response, I am sorry that this error is still occurring for you after the alerts have been resolved. 

    Next, I suggest that you try to reset your Quicken Cloud. Doing so does not affect your data file or other Cloud Accounts (if applicable). Please, follow the instructions below in order to do so.
    1. Navigate to the Quicken dropdown menu 
    2. Preferences..
    3. Mobile, Web & Alerts
    4. Use the toggle button on the left to turn Sync OFF 
    5. Click Disable Sync
    6. Navigate to Connected Services
    7. Click Reset (click Reset again on the pop-up box)
    8. Once the Reset completes, navigate back to Mobile, Web & Alerts
    9. Use the toggle button on the left to turn Sync ON
    10. Click Enable Sync
    Once that is done, go back to Mobile, Web & Alerts to select/deselect the accounts as desired and see if the issue still continues to persist.

    Please let me know if this helps, I look forward to hearing your response.
    Quicken Jasmine

    -Quicken Jasmine
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