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Two weeks ago, I opened up a Pershing investment account in Quicken downloaded the initial transactions correctly. However, today there were several new transactions that Quicken did not download.


  • bmciance
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    Depending on the connection there could be a day lag for downloading transactions.  If they were done today try to download them tomorrow 
  • RNeisser
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    Bingo! Transactions showed up today. I apologize for my impatience.
  • bmciance
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    Great!   So that probably means the connection is "Express Web Connect" which means the Quicken servers aggregate the data nightly.  If a "Direct Connect" connection is available you could switch to that and get immediate access to posted  transactions.  If available, on the account online services page it might tell you that there is an improved connection available with a link to see how to set it up.  Just be aware that some FIs will charge a monthly fee for this type of connection. 
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    Note that almost all investing accounts use Direct Connect only. In many cases, however, the data is updated overnight and will not download until the next day.

    Also if you are buying and selling stocks or ETFs or reinvesting dividends, the transactions may not settle for 2 or 3 trading days. 

    See this article
    for more information.
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  • bmciance
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    Yes, Jim.  That is true.  Note, however that the settlement date does not impact when transactions will download. It really depends on whether when you see the transaction online it is "posted" or "pending/processing".  Posted transactions will download while pending/processing generally will not. 
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