Using two different Quicken files with two different Quicken IDs

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I am temporarily maintaining financial records for a friend with the same version of Quicken as I have. When I attempt to download transactions, it tells me that I don't own her account. I login with her credentials and it works but I go through the same thing when I open one of my accounts.


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    Yes, that is correct.  The Quicken program can only be tied to one Quicken Id at a time and as you are experiencing, you have to log back and forth between the two QIDs as you change files.
    You could look into running a second Windows license in a Virtual Machine (Oracle's VirtualBox is one choice) and install Quicken in the VM and register it with the friend's QID and do all of their work in the VM.

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    What you have described is the expected behavior when we switch between Quicken files with distinct Quicken IDs on the same computer.  Besides the subscription rights, the Quicken ID identifies the Quicken Cloud datasets, etc..  Depending on which Online Services you or your friend use, you may temporarily reset the Quicken ID associated with the Quicken file to be the same to avoid the sign in hassle when you switch. 

    It's a bit more work and may not be worth the effort depending on how long temporary is and your frustration level but, if you want to preserve the Quicken IDs, you could use distinct machines to access the Quicken files.  If you only have one Windows computer, you may use a virtual machine that runs on the same computer.  There are multiple implementations available.  You may want to consider using VirtualBox.
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