Is it worth getting premiere for support service

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Never used quicken before. Used mint and Banktivity. Debating over deluxe and premiere. I don’t see myself using Quicken to track cost basis on my investments, to pay bill and to update Zillow automatically. What is the support service about? Do you call them only when you can connect to your accounts or are they there to help you learn and show you ways how to maximize this software?


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    Hello @Sijidaegu,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community with your question.

    Our support service is available to help with any Quicken-related concerns and questions.

    Additionally, for new users, we also offer the option to schedule a one-on-one tour with our Quicken 1-2-3 team. 

    By doing so, one of our Quicken 1-2-3 team members will contact you via phone at your scheduled appointment time. This team has been specifically trained and put together to assist our new customers in getting familiarized with the program and learn how to utilize it to fit your needs, as well as answer any questions and/or address any concerns you may have.

    If this is something that would interest you, then you can click here to select a time slot and schedule your tour after you've made your purchase! Alternatively, you can also call them directly at your own convenience. The phone number can be found through that same link.

    I hope this helps!
    -Quicken Anja
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    If you are not going to use Quicken Bill Pay, then I don't recommend paying for Premier over Deluxe. The only other thing Premier adds is Premium Support. All that Premium Support really does it bump you to the top of the queue. Unless you expect to be calling support a lot and can't stand long hold times, then it's not worth the extra cost. Plus, you can get lots of free help right here on the forum from your fellow users.

    Also, Quicken provides a free getting started session with support for all program levels here:

    Note that Quicken for Mac does not have the Zillow update functionality at any program level. There's an error in the comparison chart. The Zillow entry for Premier should have the "windows only" asterisk.
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