Your TAX reports are incomplete !!!

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Hospital doesn't show !
Dentist doesn't show !
Had to get them separately.
Where is the prescription report ?
Version 15 did a better job than you are doing now!!
It's TAX time !
This needs to be fixed !!!!


Bob L


  • BobL
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    Quicken v15 did a better job !
  • splasher
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    Do you have an appropriate tax line associated with those categories?
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  • Ps56k2
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    As mentioned by @splasher - have you reviewed the Tax connections in the Category List.
    Here is ours.... not sure what we added, or what is a Quicken default -
    for us, doesn't matter anymore with the higher standard deduction.

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  • NotACPA
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    Echoing @splasher's reply.
    Q knows NOTHING about what your category or payee names mean.  It ONLY knows what Tax line you've associated with the categories used.
    No associated tax line means, to Q, that it's not a tax-related transaction and won't be included on the tax reports.
    Do, CTRL-C and look in the "Tax Line Item" column to see what, if anything, is assigned.
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  • UKR
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    What report, exactly, are you using? A standard report from the Reports Menu, uncustomized and fresh off the shelf, or an old, saved report from prior years? If the latter, try recreating the report from scratch, customize to be sure all accounts are included, and see if that works any better. When it's working OK, save the report, replacing the old saved version.
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